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You might work like this

Hero Moves • Countdown to Payroll • Working Weekends • Emailing about Emailing • Another Rebrand/Reorg • Back-to-back Meetings

When it could feel like this

Everyone showing up • High quality decisions • Well-rested • Plugged-in not glued to your inbox • Strategy driven by data • Time to focus

Reactive → Creative

Here's what we do:


Experimenting with new business models to buoy cash flow and decision making.


Quantising work to coördinate stakeholders for better outcomes.


Designing the roles and responsibilities of the future to prevent bottlenecking.


Building knowledge making capacity of your organisation through training.


Making your organisation's insides match the outsides, operationally.


Facilitating short feedback loops between all stakeholder classes.

Who we are →

We are a multi-stakeholder coöperative of knowledge workers, mission-oriented organisations and community building the future of work for societal change.

How we work


Journeys →

We partner for the medium-term to train new ways of working and create capacity for impact.

Startup → Scaleup

Siloed → Cocreating

Apathy → Engagement


Workshops →

We provide one-off interventions to organisations looking to try our approach and change incrementally.

Stakeholder Maps

Strategic Writing

Client Pedagogy


Ventures →

We share our expertise and centralised resources with select founders each year to take them from Idea to Revenue.

Ecosystem Strategy

Hypothesis Shaping

Pilot Prototyping

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