Workshops A-Z

Our open source workshop list.
Brand Messaging
Buyer’s Guide
Bylaws and Guardrails
Capability Mapping
Cash Conversion
Category Landscape
Client Pedagogy
Curriculum Development
Customer Experience Loops
Customer Journey Mapping
Design your future roles
Design your jobs
Articulating meaningful roles and responsibilities.
Designing Future Roles
Ecosystem Strategy
Enterprise Mission
Enterprise Realignment
Aligning brand architecture with business/operating units and cost allocation bases.
Enterprise Values
Exec/Advisory Board Design
Design an effective Executive/Advisory board to transform your strategic input.
Go-to-market plan
Hypothesis Shaping
Limited Liability
Marketing Channel Development
Micro Business Bootstrapping
Multi-Stakeholder Centricity
New Business Models
North Star
Offering Development
Organisational Design
Outcomes-based Work
Parental Leave
Design effective policy that retains and rewards your stakeholders when they need it most.
Participatory Decisions
Quantise workload
Rebrand Design Brief
Sales Lead
Sales Qualification & Segmentation Training
Segmenting your Stakeholders
Short Feedback Loops
Stakeholder Maps
Stakeholder Value Propositions
Strategic Writing
Target Operating Model
Value Pricing
Model pricing and revenue based on value created for your stakeholders.